Aerial Fabric Teacher Training with Align Aerial and Yoga School

Creating foundational methods for all aerialists to build upon has been founder Kelly Smiley’s lifetime goal. Here in beautiful Lake Tahoe, you will have the unique advantage to take your experience, dedication and passion for Aerial Silks to the next level!

Align Aerial and Yoga School strives to heal through movement. The body is a vessel for   expression, education and communication – a way to reveal what words cannot and heal wounds that cannot be seen. Movement evokes love, courage, empowerment and humility. Through the art of yoga, aerial, sharing and receiving, we rise together.​

• 25 hours in-class training covering all Basics Level progressions, spotting, anatomy, class structure, injury prevention, proper alignment, rigging and more.
• 25 hours teaching experience includes: video analysis, observation hours, and feedback from instructors.

50 Hour Aerial Fabric Teacher Training 2022

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