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Our 2020 Goals

1. Performing Arts Education

• Youth programs
• Specialty workshops
• Studio renovations

We believe strongly in our ability to transform our lakefront studio into a professional training facility that focuses on the love and compassion of creativity and the health and wellness of our minds and bodies.  Having a school in Tahoe would support our local community, and give the circus world a new spin on performance.

2. Community Entertainment

• Development – stages, lights, sound, equipment, costumes
• Productions – the artistic team

Tahoe Flow Artists and local musicians are collaborating to create an original production called “Mountains are Pretty”.  The performers plan to use the winter to create a presentation, installation, and mixed media that mirror the human condition and signifies social change.  This dark and twisted, but morally correct play will be presented around local venues and festivals. Tahoe Flow Artists are looking to take their eARTh Production on the road.  Earth tells a story of destruction created by human error. But through community and living with love and leading by example, we can change the unwritten future. We are responsible for its preservation and must be aware of our actions. For our choices today, ripple unto tomorrow.  Funds raised will be given to Project Earth