Project eARTh

Project eARTh is a community based, environmentally conscious group, who operate collectively with Tahoe Flow Artists and No Plastic Tahoe.  Our mission is to spread awareness and education regarding the minimization of waste. With a focus on the elimination of single-use plastics, we encourage clean water practices by inspiring community engagement through performance art in the Truckee-Tahoe community. As a uniting entity, we also bring local businesses together to promote our shared ideals for sustaining the ecology and beauty of our environment.

eARTh Production: Profits are donated to Project Earth

EARTH represents: Environment, Awareness, Responsibility, Togetherness, and Home.

Earth tells a story of destruction created by human error. But through community and living with love and leading by example, we can change the unwritten future. We are responsible for its preservation and must be aware of our actions. For our choices today, ripple unto tomorrow.

No Plastic Tahoe

No Plastic Tahoe is a community initiative to reduce and eventually eliminate the distribution of single use plastics in the Tahoe Basin.

• We are collaborating with local businesses in installing water filling stations.
• Offering sustainable and reusable drinking and food containers.