Kelly Smiley
Kelly SmileyCo-Founder / E-RYT 500 / Level 1 Aerial Silk Instructor
Kelly Smiley is the owner and operator of Tahoe Flow Arts. Kelly graduated from UNR with a degree in education. Naturally attracted to Tahoe, Smiley was a snowboard coach for 10 years. However, after a snowboard injury, yoga, hula hooping and aerial fabrics restored her physical body and developed her emotional body.

A natural born leader, Kelly is the lioness in a pride of relatable females. She fell in love with the healing potential of flow arts and decided to lead the movement into our community. In 2013 she created Tahoe Flow Artists a collaboration of entertainers bringing a fresh and explosive twist on expression through Aerial Arts, Dance, Hula-Hoop and Yoga.

It took two years of sleepless meditation and precise manifestation, and when she showed the universe she was ready, Tahoe Flow Arts Studio came into fruition in May of 2013. Since opening the studio Kelly has received her 200 hour Wanderlust Yoga Certification and 300 hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Experience Alaya. Kelly has been training in aerial fabric for over 10 and received her teacher training certificate with Born to Fly in 2018. Witnessing the importance of integrating yoga into all her aerial classes, Kelly decided to start her own certificate program that combines aerial arts with the 8 limb yoga system. In 2019 Align Aerial and Yoga school was born hosting teacher certification programs that combine aerial fabrics with yoga.

Kelly’s love for self-expression is her inspiration for all her classes. Kelly teaches aerial fabrics, hula hoop and yoga classes at the studio and takes stage whenever her soul calls for it.

‍Find her on Instagram @smileyflowlove

Christine Bettera
Christine BetteraCo-Founder / Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Christine Bettera is a lifelong athlete, coach, and fitness enthusiast. Her goal is to help you take your fitness, nutrition, or sports performance to the next level. Whether it’s athletic prowess on the mountain, track, field, or court, general fitness, or health, her guidance, support, and knowledge will help you achieve your goals.

Christine is multi-certified and has 20-plus years of coaching and competition under her belt. Her passion for training in the gym has translated to success in the field and on the track. Today you can find her coaching her clients at Tahoe Flow Arts & Fitness and remotely through LadyBoss Weight Loss.

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LarrisaAerial Arts
Tahoe resident since 2011, Larrisa started her Flow Arts path three years ago with hula hooping. Aerial silks soon followed, and her life has not been the same since! For almost two years she has dedicated herself to her practice, training weekly and performing in her community, all while utilizing it as a true healing modality. She began her performance adventure here at Tahoe Flow Arts, and recently has stepped into the role of a teacher. Most of all, she feels truly fortunate to be able to share this beautiful art with the world.
Jenni Hendricks has been an athlete the majority of her life, having recreationally and competitively played soccer, basketball, volleyball, ran cross country and track and field. During her years in high school Jenni found another interest in sports medicine. After graduating in 2009 Jenni continued her education at California State University of Chico. There she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology with a minor in physical education, as well as discovered her new found passion: Roller Derby. During her final year skating in Chico Jenni’s roller derby team nominated her to be part of the team’s board of directors and to take the position of conditioning coach. As the conditioning coach she designed circuit workouts for her team, taught safe techniques and gave advice on training outside of practice as well as proper nutrition before a game. After graduating from Chico in 2013 Jenni received her Spin Instructor Certification from Mad Dogg Athletics in September 2014, her ASFA Group Exercise Instructor Certification in May 2015, her TRX qualification in 2017, her Animal Flow Certification in 2019, and is currently studying to become a strength and conditioning specialist through NSCA. Jenni continues her active lifestyle, snowboarding in the winter, rock climbing, skating and running during the sunny days, and hopes to share her passion and education for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle with others eager to learn.
Kenzie has been an athlete and fitness enthusiast all her life. Growing up with two older brothers and being surrounded by competitive sports teams – it is no surprise that she too continued the family tradition of being a three sports athlete in high school. She then went on to Mendocino College to start her college experience where she also continued playing collegiate soccer. At a sophomore soccer showcase she was then recruited by a handful of colleges from D3 – D1 but decided to give D-2, Dallas Baptist University her full attention to finish school and complete her soccer career. After graduation with a AS in Kinesiology and a BS in Biology she moved to North Lake Tahoe to experience the Tahoe mountain life. Fitness is in her blood, which is no surprise that she challenged herself to become certified in P90X and TRX suspension, where now she loves instructing people with their fitness goals. She loves helping others better themselves by encouraging their performance and making them believe they are worth it. Outside of the gym, she is a Super Host of an Air B&B property, an entrepreneur in business and still allows herself time to enjoy life by snowboarding, exploring the outdoors, running and swimming in the summer, and being grateful each day to be living in such a majestic place.
Tailor’s passion for wellness, the arts and movement have blossomed in the 9 years she has lived in Tahoe. Tailor’s passion for healing the psyche, spirit and physique through pranayama, asana and ancient wisdom has recently contributed to her 200 RYT certification with the Truckee Yoga Collective. After graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Art and a minor in Humanities from Sierra Nevada College, Tailor began to travel the world to share her innate gift of creativity. Orchestrating Mural projects in Africa, and spreading art and sustainability inspired her to uplift and engage the inner artist in every person. Now she has honed her skills and passions behind performance art and movement at the Tahoe Flow Arts & Fitness as the manager, yoga teacher, aerial fabric teacher in training, belly dancer and mermaid. She strives to further her impact on the community here in Tahoe everyday. Join her at the studio, the beach, or for a one on one around Lake Tahoe!
Julz is a firm believer in the transformative journey of yoga, meeting the practice with compassion and curiosity. While this journey is multifaceted and unique for each practitioner, Julz encourages a deep connection to Self through her creative Vinyasa and Yin classes. Hailing from San Francisco by way of Atlanta, Julz studied under Jonny Kest’s LifePower Yoga method – a style of practice rooted in Ashtanga that emphasizes awareness of breath and bodily movement. Julz invites her students to explore the rich landscape within and challenges them to find their individual edge through a compassionate yet disciplined flow. Julz has been teaching since 2013 and loves continuously learning and growing with the incredible yogi community all over the world. Through travel and study, she has added Acro Yoga and Thai Massage practices to compliment her balance of softness and strength. When not on her mat, you can find Julz with her rescue dog Chalo playing outside: skiing, hiking, dancing, paddle boarding, biking, and cooking yummy food.
MeredithAerial Arts, Yoga, Dance
Through teaching and performance art, Meredith Calderas Precit’s mission is to share aerial arts, dance and yoga in hopes of inspiring self-expression, self-acceptance and creativity in others. Growing up, she tried all sorts of activities from horseback riding to diving, but dance held true as her form of discipline and communication. Meredith continued training in dance and cheer leading through college until dislocating her kneecap at auditions for a hip-hop team. After this injury, she found yoga for rehabilitation. Yoga has influenced her dance and performance technique, starting “Dance Yogi Dance” in 2015. Meredith has been training in aerial arts since 2014, specializing in aerial silks and performance coaching. She received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification in 2014, Aerial Yoga Teacher Certification in 2017, and Aerial Fabric Teacher Certification in 2019. In 2017, she became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in Corrective Exercise, continuing to expand her knowledge of the body. When she is not dancing, flying or upside down, you can find her mermaiding in Lake Tahoe, behind the lens of her camera, hiking a mountain, or snuggling with her kitties. Find her on Instagram @meowmerekat and at
AliciaAerial Arts
Alicia began her aerial career on the central coast of California in 2013. Since then she has trained and performed in Lake Tahoe and South Africa. Alicia draws on her background in competitive gymnastics, cheer/stunt, and yoga to inspire her aerial classes and performances. Her specialty apparatuses include aerial fabrics, corde lisse, and aerial spansets although she also has experience performing and choreographing lyra, hoop, dance, contortion, and roaming character. Some of the classes Alicia teaches at Tahoe Flow and Fitness include: Tricks and Techniques, Dynamic Aerial Movements, Aerial Spansets, Rope/Corde Lisse, Youth Fabrics, Youth Circus Play, and Performance Technique.
LeahYouth Aerials & Dance
Leah’s passion and trade she wants to share with the world is dance. From 6-18 years of age, she spent all of her time dancing. Whether it would be rigorous training with the Abby Lee Dance Company, or in her garage “dancing as if no one was watching,” she just couldn’t keep her feet still. During this time, she and a specialty small group of dancers traveled the states to compete and take classes from world-renowned choreographers. In the audition room of hundreds of people, she took the scholarship, and on the stage with her companions, they took the highest national recognition. The team she grew up with trained hard, and it showed. After high school, and able to choose her own path, she took a more humble approach to share her skill. Her very first ballet teacher contacted her and asked her to dance with her and her brand new contemporary dance company. Together, they launched Eevolve Productions, and danced all over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, her hometown. These were some of her favorite performances; she knew she was on the right path. But eventually the wanderlust inside started scratching and she landed herself in Barcelona, Spain to work for a professional contemporary dance company. She spent four months there working administration, taking class, and performing in hidden gems scattered throughout the city. Now being back in California, she is soaking in her everyday adventures to take to the dance studio in hopes to continue performing and sharing with her community.
YukaAerial Arts
Yuka moved to Tahoe six years ago to only spend a winter season, but like so many people who enjoy the area she decided to stay indefinitely when she fell in love with the area. Realizing she wanted something to do year round, she decided to take a lyra class at Tahoe Flow Arts Studio and fell in love with the apparatus. Lyra is the one apparatus that she always comes back to and she’s been doing aerial arts for about 5 years now.
At a young age of 19, Nicole Evans, a North Lake Tahoe local, has established herself as a yoga teacher, aerialist, hula hooper, and artist. She began her career as a student at Tahoe Flow Arts and Fitness in 2015 and has since grown to take on positions performing and instructing. Certified as a 200-hour Hatha/vinyasa yoga instructor, she has experience teaching a variety of students from kids through elderly living with disabilities. Her specialty is teaching inversions and handstands, although she loves helping people relax with restorative/prop intensive yoga. She also has years of experience performing and teaching hula hooping. In her free time catch her hanging off bridges doing aerial silks, climbing or freestyle cliff jumping.


AmandaAerial Arts
Amanda is an aerial teacher in training. She has been practicing and learning aerial silks since spring of 2018, and plans to ultimately add trapeze to her qualifications for teaching and performing. She is a wildland firefighter and big mountain ski team coach, ultra-runner and aspiring life coach. Aerials are fun as well as healing and empowering, and Amanda’s goal is to share the transformative power of aerials as a modality for self-love, self-expression, self-care, play, strength-building, resilience and creating abundance.
AndreaAerial Arts
Andrea’s interest in creative movement developed through dance starting at a young age and continued through college. While living in NYC to work in commercial interior design, her commitment to yoga deepened through practicing at Jivamukti and exploring Ashtanga yoga. After many years in NYC Andrea felt the need for a fresh way of living and has since fallen in love with the Truckee Tahoe area. Seeing Tahoe Flow aerialists perform inspired her to take classes and bring creative movement back into her life!

When not in the studio you can find Andrea planning her next thru-hike (she has walked the the Long Trail, hundreds of miles on the PCT, and soloed the John Muir Trail) and volunteering with the Truckee Roundhouse.

She is excited to share aerial arts with others and looks forward to working with you in class.

SimoneAerial Arts
Simone is a teacher-in-training at Tahoe Flow Arts and has practiced aerial silks for 5 years. She is just beginning her teaching career after completing the training through Align Aerial Teacher Training program this past summer. What she loves about silks is that an hour of training on the silks is a full body workout while you’re having fun! Playing on the silks is like being a kid on the playground again, and anyone can learn these skills without any previous experience. Come fly with Simone and find that inner child! You can also reach her on instagram at @sim.does.silks‍